Bunavail was first FDA approved in June 2002 and fully approved for both induction and maintenance in May 2017 and is now offered as an alternative medication for persons with opioid dependence. Similar to other medications in its class it includes both buprenorphine and naloxone but offers some distinct benefits patients may prefer.

Battle the fog of addiction with the same medicine in SUBOXONE® — with less swallowed and less wasted.

Results may vary.

Bioequivalent blood plasma concentration: Half the total dose of buprenorphine in BUNAVAIL® achieves the same blood plasma level as a SUBOXONE tablet.

Using BUNAVAIL is discreet

BUNAVAIL sticks to the inside of your cheek and dissolves as it delivers buprenorphine. You’ll be able to speak and swallow normally, so taking your medication won’t get in the way of your everyday activities.

Patients agree: BUNAVAIL is easy to use and has a pleasant taste

BUNAVAIL makes treating opioid dependence easy for patients. It’s one important part of a full treatment program, which should also include counseling, medication therapy, and other remedies.

Low rate of constipation in a 12-week study

68% of patients who reported constipation with Suboxone tablets or films did not report constipation at 12 weeks after switching to BUNAVAIL.

BUNAVAIL is powered by BEMA® technology

See how this important advance in the delivery of buprenorphine works.

Unique 2-layer design

BioErodible MucoAdhesive (BEMA®) technology is a buccal film with a unique 2-layer design, which easily and discreetly delivers to your bloodstream the dose of buprenorphine you need to treat your opioid dependence.

  • The top layer adheres to the inside of your cheek and contains the active drug.
  • A backing layer acts as a barrier to help facilitate the unidirectional flow of medication to the bloodstream. This reduces the flow of buprenorphine back into the mouth, so less is swallowed.

Effective dose, efficient delivery

BUNAVAIL buccal film has twice the bioavailability of Suboxone® tablets. This means you get an equally effective amount of buprenorphine, but with half the total dose. So you’re getting the buprenorphine you need to treat opioid dependence and swallowing less medication

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